04 February 2016

Last-Teen year?

Haii !! Woww my latest update was on August 2015 aite? Oemji seems like I have lost interest on blogging anymore hewhew. So 2016 officially will be my last-teen year. Not only for me obviously for all 1997-babies hehe. Yahh well eventho sounds like we getting old (not so old) I just dont care bout it. Hewhew aku still anggap aku seorang bayi yang comel lagi lotey ehek leksss..

So so so... Actually I dont really know what to update here but isokay I will just wrote whats in mind right now okay. Hmm first I wanna talk bout my last pspm 1 result. Hmm for me it was so bad. Not even bad but worst lol okay not so la. I just got in the rank 2.50-3.00 hewhew. Lillahi I am felt down of this result. Okay okay nevermind dah lepas pun hehehe..

But for Sem 2 I will try my best to scored well, InshaAllah. Em em my relay? Just fine and more happy. Mohd Zakwan always be with me in whatever situation am I. Thankyou sayang. But lately ni, I dah slowdown update bout our relay kat social media like Instagram, twitter, facebook apatah lagi haha. Just nak cuba be a silent relationship maybe.. Oh this blog? Hew no one would ever cared bout this blog haha..

What else to write bebeh. Emm? Oh yaaa now I was in sem break mood. Relax jer kat rumah jadi bibik setiap hari haha okay bak kata Zakwan, bagus latih diri jadi isteri mitahli. Haha siap lah engko nanti Zakwan. Aku cuti 2 minggu tapi almost a week nak abis dah ni hehe. Vacation? Memang idok lah. Tapi tak pasti lagi lah for next week because my parents gonna home soon yeayyyyyyy!! Hihi okay I think enough till here. Till we meet again soon babai y'alls ;) 

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