21 August 2015

First Date

Ehem amboiiii title kemain ye nyah! haha Actually it is not our official first date bcos of before this we've date everyday in class luls.. My 'First Date' meant , this is the first time we spend time together hang out to somewhere place hewhew..

Ehh eh haha.. but our first date was so hambar-ism. Sebab aku tak berapa nak sihat during that time. hurhur.. Zakwan ajak main bowling and I taknak. Tapi I ajak dia main game kereta, he refused. HAHAHA Malu kononnya. But seriously, teringin nak gi main game kereta kat arcade tu aduhhh cem best.

Tapi I so happy sebab got to meet him after 8 months I haven't see his cute smile alolo.. Bebh, I love you ;') Semoga dapat date buat kali kedua nya cuti lepas PSPM nanti eh. Hmm he always gave me supportivement when I felt down. Biasalah matriks student, akan rasa stress and down when something we want, couldn't achieve aite? hmm 

Zakwan, thanks for this 1 year 2 months and still counting. I wish I could say like "THANKS FOR THIS ENTIRE DAY LIFE TIME" hiks one day, InshaAllah. Do keep loving me like the stars always shining for the sky. Do treat me right like the rainbow always cheer up the sky after rain ;') Iloveyou Sayang.


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01 August 2015

Raya post

Haha Ya Allah dah raya ke berapa ni Aleeza oiiii ! Baru nak update? hiks maafkan beta. Terlupa pula kat blog busuk ni. So how was your raya going on? huhh mine just went well. Same like years before. BORED --' 

This year Aidilfitri was getting more bored bcos of none of my friend were going to my house. And I don't even beraya dengan mereka semua. What a sad. Well said, rumah jauh kan haha. Never mind. But the thing I loved the most is, my theme for 2015 is same goes to Mohd Zakwan's. Yeayy It's been 2 years we're having the same colour of baju raya. This year is Orange. Auchaks! Eventhough we haven't meet or maybe took few photos together for this Raya, isokay. I am feel so blessed as this gonna be the 2nd year we celebrated eid together ;)

8 bulan dah we haven't meeting each other :') Siapa je yang tak rindu kan. Its okay as long as you keep remember me. Okay stop luls. Next week we're going to sit for an examination, UPS. He gives me a lot of talk, told me to make a revision on what topic I cannot scored well in the test before. :') Zakwan, you such a light that has brighten my days. Thankyou Sayang. ILoveYou. Kbye luls

p/s: Ops sorry tajuk dengan post lain puloks. I have no idea to post what for my eid celebration. Oh btw duit raya tahun ni RM199 ;P wekk

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