04 July 2015

Because People Change

...But memories stay ;) bila kita semua dah buat haluan masing-2. And for sure we will make new friends aite? Thats lead to the changes of people. 

Yang dulu nya kata "akan bersama", kini mana perginya?

Yang dulu nya kata "keep in touch tho", then where's the touch?

Yang dulu nya kata "jangan lupa aku", so ingat lagi ke sekarang? ;)

Aku pegang pada prinsip hidup sendiri. "If people want to stay, then stay. If u wanna leave, have a please". I am not a king to controll others life. Each of us has our own choice aite. Bebh, I wanna told ya. Kalau mungkin kau dah tak rasa bahagia dengan aku, then tell me. Im okay and I accept it. But please I won't you just go without telling me anything. 

And now u're confusing me. Yep I know kita 'kawan' ;) Istilah kawan tu ter sangat hina aku rasa antara kita. Bcos of when people ask me "Z? SIAPA TU? PAKWE EH?" I dont even know how to respond it. U're not my boyfriend. But you know aite that I love you. So what else can I answer them other than " Yes he is my boyfriend" ??

Aku cuma taknak berharap pada yang tak pasti. Just imagine, right now I am very loyal with you. But how if someday u've already meet someone else. And that time you remind me about 'US' that we're just 'friend'. haha Kau rasa apa aku akan rasa that time? Hmmm ;)

Tolong.. Sayang katakan sayang. Tidak katakan tidak. Thats all I wish. Salam.

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