06 June 2015

Enjoy the life then

As I have choose my own life path, so by hooked or by crooked, I have to face it and just enjoy the journey! Haha living far away from family is a ordinary thing for me. As before this I am not staying with parents for 2 years long. So its not a matter to be apart from them. But what the thing I am sad for, I haven't seen my parents yet since the day they left me in here (KMPh). It just because they are now in Sabah..

Seeing other roomates member went out for outing in weekend with their family, actually made me felt a bit jealousy. Heuu I know I shouldn't feel this way. Isokay Aleeza, stay strong. Bear in mind , you just need to sacrifice 'a year' in here. Haha the way I talked just like living in  here same goes to living in hell aite? NOOOOOO okay not at all. I enjoy myself staying here bebeh..

Ohyaa by the way, I've started my tutorial, lecture and practical for a week. And I told ya. This is not in Standard One. The first week you are not given any homeworks from yr teacher. Again I repeat, this is not standard one. Haha what you should and have to know, the first week I am here. I've already given homeworks (but not too much la). At least one homework for one subject ofcourse. 

Haaaa what else I wanna story is about.. Zakwan ;) hehew He is my bestfriend, best boy, best superhero, favourite person. eh eh its too much i guess hihi!! *over* Bebh, take care yourself in Kolej Matrkulasi Negeri Sembilan. You're so lucky as you're not alone there (not like me here T_T). Hmm study hard and achive your dreams. Hold on our promises *wek*!! Weiii do keep in touch with me always and forever! Tho maybe someday we're not meant to be together, I wish you will always remember me as yr girl friend. Okay it has space there. GIRL FRIEND not 'girlfriend' get it haha!

"Kita Kawan Sampai Kahwin" :') InshaAllah If Allah wills it. I don't know why my mood is not stable right now. Not just right now, but everytime I think of you and I get remember all our old memories in school for the past few months. I am sad. Maybe because of my blog's song yang super sad ni kot hahaha! I will make a post to refresh back our old memories together soon. Not to show off but just want to create a diary ;) Till then. Bye

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