31 May 2015


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.. Yeehaaaaaa at last I've throughout the MPPB weeks dengan rasa yekyek nya hahaa!! From 25Mei2015 untill 29Mei2015, aku lalui Minggu Pengurusan Pelajar Baharu ni.. Apa rasa dia? heuu I dont know how to describe the feeling but hmm.. Its a bit bored ofcos haha.. 

Firstly let me tell u bout my roomates.. A room consists of four person (include me).. The first person yang aku kenal is Zaireen Zulaikha. Just call her Zaireen.. She's from Shah Alam if I'm not mistaken haha.. And the 2nd person is Farah. I dont even know her real or full name.. But she is so pretty weihh. Her face looks like my best friend, Amira Hanani. And the last one, she's an indian and sangat pendiam. Her name is Anusha.. I dont remember her full name. 

What I can say about the MPPB week, it is totally pack with activities and you will feel tired as fuck haha!! Along the week, I have to perform my prayer at the Masjid (it was called Masjid as Solat Jumaat are perform there). I just feel a bit uncomfortable bcos yeahh before this I just solat at Masjid during fasting month for tarawih hihi.. Ada satu hari ni, all of us have to wakeup at 3 and should be gather at Masjid at 4.30am. gahhhhhhhhhhh the senior said its to train ourself so we dont feel awkward in Matric life in future. Okay accepted! :D

And the saddest thing here was, I dont even make a new friends here. Except my LDK members. I just dont know how to make new friends, how to be friendly and how to treat others well maybe haha.. So wherever i went to, sometime i am just alone. And sometime Im going along with Zaireen haha.. But wehh Ive found my old schoolmates. One from my first secondary school (SBPIJ), she's Aishah and the other one is Izzaty, my ex classmate in primary school haha..

And guess what my ex also has further his study in here. Okay I dont want to story bout him. Its a waste! haha then whats more I wanna tell u haaaa. Hmmm macam takde apa dah.. Ohhyaaa! The foods at the cafeteria Blok C on the C2 side were just okay.. Boleh la murah dan sedap.. haha.. Okay I think till then.. See uguys in the next post.. Babai ;)

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