31 August 2014

Merdeka !!


31August and MERDEKAAA!!! Literally if we talk about merdeka people will relate with the celebration. Dekat dataran merdeka dekat pantai itu pantai ini . Well im just staying at home and landing myself all the day on this beautiful katil . Lol every year gonna be like this dan aku dah biasa dengan semua ni haha .. 

Actually I am in the mood of examination . GOSHHH yes I was stand for trial for 3weeks . One week have passed . Another 2 was loading . On the upcoming day, 1 september till the next 2 week, i have to stand for elektif paper . That is Biology, Chemistry, Physic, and Addmath . I dont have full preparatiom for them . How bad am I . Haha

Pray for me and all my friend 😊 hopefully I can scored 5A and above . Cehhhh study tak ada hati nak dapat 5A ! You know what ??! For Bahasa Melayu pun im not sure enough whether I can get better marks or what. Bcos the paper is tooooo hard i think . Arghhhhh might be crazyyyy . Same goes to 
Pendidikan Islam . Haha but for English hmm. Im out of word to describe it. Hehe

And the last one, dear my love mon ... Iloveyou Salam Merdeka . Sorry for not wishing you on the spot at night . Hmm and Salam kerinduan for my lovely parents . I miss them much . I wanna hug them ! 😔 for every day in my life im always hope that my both parents will be moved to Semenanjung a.s.a.p . But haihhhh. Why Felda dont understand me and us ?  

Arghhhhhh dont u feel the saddest when you're far apart from yr parents? Dont you? 😪😰 i hate for being separated from my family. I just dont care if people wanna talk like "elleh budak asrama tu pun sama lah tak duduk dengan parents diorang" . Well do you see like aku kesah ke? Thats their life not mine ! Me is me ! Okay .. Hmm okay till then, bye !! 😁 

                                "Allah always with us. Bear in mind forever till the herafter"


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