20 July 2014

New life. Again...

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :)) nowadays, too much tragedy happened to our country . Pasal MH370 , MH17 , and the one happened Sabah di serang semula dengan tentera sulu . Ni semua dah dirancang lebih awal oleh Allah SWT . What can we do just praying for the best and for the peace . Al-Fatihah for all victims. Hmm one that i worried the most is about Felda Sahabat, Lahad Datu Sabah already got arahan untuk perintah berkurung . My parents were there . How was their life there ? Is anything okay ?

Mum, dad. For every second in my life Im always waiting uolls for a come back . I just cant imagine the situation there tho before this ive face the same situation . My prayers always be with you . I miss you . I have too much things to be think . I have to face too many problems . I need both my parents beside me . To give me the strengthen . To give me the supportivement . I could not stand to face all these on my own . Bcos I know i am weak . 

I have to pretend like Im okay all the time . Tho inside there is too much load i have to carry by self . Hmm . On 25th of August ive to stand for SPM trial . I didn't ready for this . All i can do is Pasrah . Haha how weak am I . Okay I think I dont have to story every little things 'bout my life . Till then . Bye :))

"Allah bersama orang yang hendak bersamanya"

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