22 April 2013

Segmen kenalkan diri - CIK i l y

Assalamualaikum . Haii Alfa nak join Segmen . Tanpa bacak merepek , merapu dan meraban . JOM . Just baca dan komen . :*

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1. Real name: Noor Aleeza Fatihah Binti Zailan Bin Rosmani Bin Kasmin
2. Nickname: Leeza , Eja , Lala , Alfa , Cottt!
3. Starsign and Age: Capricorn on 26 Dec , I'm 16 years not so old
4. Male or Female: Err I dont know *keliru* Female maybe? Coz myself looks handsome :*

5. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/leeza.daneyal add me maybe?
6. Website: http://leeza-awak.blogspot.com/ , http://gadisjohorberkacamata.blogspot.com/
7. Twitter: @lalacottt_ , leeza_NAFZ
8. Otherinstagram: lalacottt_ , weChat: lala_zailan

9. Hair color: Hitam berkilau bak bontot kuali and a bit perang :D *ori*
10. Long or short: err I can't tell anyone. Sebab kalau ada lelaki baca, takboleh. Mereka boleh membayangkan panjang nya rambut kita tu. Dari apa yg Alfa belajar memang tak boleh bagi tau hihi :*

11. Loud or Quiet: Pendiam *in the bracket* . Pendiam kalau tiada geng gila . Kalau jumpa geng Im being the louder one hihi
12. Sweats or Jeans: Ofcorz jeans . skinny jeans auwmm auwmmm O.o
13. Phone or camera: Phone are everything for me. Without phone I am still be a person hihi. 
14. Health Freak: err I not understand. But always healthy :) ahhaa
15. Drink or smoke: Drink? Yes I drink only 'halal' water. Smoke ? Absolutely never !

16. Do you have a crush on someone: YES . I have crush on someone since year 2011 till now :)

17. Eat or drink: Both are important for life . So I choose both =D
18. Piercings: Emm Yaa ada lubang tindik. Tapi dah tertimbus hihiii
19. Tattoos: Uuuuu . Lot of tattoos . Just dreaming . Never k never . 

Have You EverBeen in a relationship: Emmm Yes yes ans YESSSSSSSSS :(
Quarrel with someone u like: Haruslahhh~ At first quarrel , lastly in love keke :P

Been in a car accident: Yes. You can read my story here. " Remember this incident "

Been in a fist fight: emm yes with my brothaaaa ~

First Piercing: Semasa umur 1 tahun lebih. Awal kan ? Yaaa I dont know why so early haha!

Best Friend(s): L I M A Z A W . Our blog H E R E 

Award(s): Emm -_- Outta words

Crush: Ehh kat atas dah tanya tadi . Scrool to top back :P

Vacation: France ;) Bonjour ^^ hihiiii

Last Person you talked to: My lovely cat merangkap adik kesayangan :*
Person you texted to: Fadzlen !!! He is my classmate n also crush on him MAYBE
Person(s) you watched movie with: Err last night with my whole family ;) 

Food you ate: Isi ketam + chicken finger . Ngeee makan petang maaa ~
Drink you drank: Dutch Lady Chocolate :* my fav ever hehe

Movie you watched: Seumur hidup tak pernah masuk cinema . Belum cukup umur *my mom said like that*

Song listened to: Kau Sahabat Kau Teman :( Remember him . - The srory HERE -

Thing(s) you bought: I bought a long ruler and an eraser last morning hihi :P

Person you hugged: My lovely mummy . Last morning before going to school. 

Favourite Food: Char Kuew Tiawwwwwww :* muahhh
Drinks: Chocolate , Fresh orange and also SOYAAA ~

Have you ever Kissed in the snow: snow? Dekat malaysia ade ? Tak jumpa lagi hihi
Celebrated Halloween: Nooooo ~ Noooop ~
Had your heart broken: Yes :( lol -_-
Went over the limits on your cell phone: Maksudnyaa ? hahaaa :P
Came out of the closet: Funny hahaha . Ofcorz yesss . With my cousin . Few years ago 

Gotten pregnant: wohooo . Killing myself If I say yes 
Had an abortion: Whattt ? Remember God . Astaghfirullah ~

Done something you've regretted: Yes . Out from SBP Integrasi Jempol . Ouhhh bengong -,-
Broke a promise: Emm yuppp . But with reason !
Hide a secret: I hold secrets of MANY PEOPLE bhahahaa
Pretended to be happy: Alwayss . Just wanna look cheerful . I keep my sadness deep of my self ;(
Met someone who changed your life: Emmm . Buat masa sekarang . Belum lagi hihi .
Pretended to be sick: Hahahaha ! I love this quest . Ofcorz yess . Malas pergi sekolah -_- kekekee
Left the country: Emmm tidakkk .

Tried something you normally wouldn't try: Hohooo . Mencabar kan . Tapi tak suka buat apa yang tidak di sukai .
Cried over the silliest thing: Yesss . I know I'm not enough matured hahaaa . 
Ran a mile: A mile ? wahhh . Saya tak pandai berlari kikikii .
Went to the beach with your best friend(s): Huhaiyy kenangan manis lepas PMR hehee . 

Stay single the whole year: Emm Single ? Whole year ? Just for two years till now hihi . 

Currently Eating: Chicken finger 
Drinking: Dutch Lady Chocolateeeeeeeeeeyyyyy
Listening to: THR Gegar with MEK ZURAAAAA ~ hahaaaa !

Waiting for: Him to text me first . Since zohor -_- errr.

Your future

Want kids: Mestilah nakkk yang comelll lagi lotteeeeeeeeyyyyy :*
Want to get married: Noooo . I wanna baby without married . Lol crazy . Of corz YES !
Careers in mind: I wanna be a teacher for future . In Sha Allah ;)

Which of it is better for boys/girls?

Lips or eye: Beautiful and big eyes like my nephew hihiii . 
Shorter or taller: Emm not too tall and also not too short . Normal setjak bhahhh !
Romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous ofcorz . Romantic ? Blerkkkk . Poyooo semua tu haha !
Nice stomach or nice arm: Nice stomach laaa . hahaha
Sensitive or loud: Loud . ! Like meeee hehehe
Single or relationship: Single make my life perfect hahaa !
Noisy or quiet: Emm I dont know laa . hahaaa 

Have you ever Lost lasses/contacts: Yes . With my ex , Hariz :'( I miss him lahhh
Ran aways from home: Gilaa ? Rumahku syurgaku . Lari dari rumah pergi mana ? Hell ? hahaha !
Hold a gun or knife for self defense: emmm saya masih waras ^^
Broke someone's heart: Yes . And he's now , Arwah :( Al-Fatihah
Been arrested: hahaa saya budak baik okayy . Aracci?
Cried when you lost someone: Sama dengan jawapan anda . Anda rasa ? heheee

Do you believe in

Yourself: Yes . Percaya pada kebolehan diri ! 
Miracles: Yes. !
Love at first sight: Yes maybe . errr . 
Heaven: Yes yes yes.! Ofcorz . 
Santa Claus: I'm a muslim ;)
Things last forever: Forever ? Yaaa friendship maybe ?

Is there one person you want to be with right now: Yes . My crush , Capital A :( I love him . wuuuu
Is there a person you make a promise with now: Adaa tapi dia pun dah lupa janji dia . So ? Hahaa I pun lupa jugak
Is there a person that you can't forget now: YES. :'( wuuuu why u ask quest like this haaa ? haha!
Is there something you really want to do now: Singing . Artis wechat lah katakan ~Perasan betoiii anak orang ni hihi
Is there something you really wish to have it now: I wish I will success in world and the hereafter ;)
Is there something you wanted to say to someone now: Dear Capital A , One thing u must know , I will waiting for you even I have to sacrifices for hundred miles . You're the only one in my heart . K FULLSTOP 

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SILA TUNTUT HADIAH SELEWAT-LEWATNYA PADA 15 JUN 2013 ! *Hadiah yg TAK dituntut akan BURN pd 16/06/13*

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