31 March 2012

Jelly Jelly J E A L O U S ! !

Hye =.='

J E A L O U S !

I'm being jealous with them much ! Sekolah lama saya , SMK Seri Jempol ada buat pertandingan drama . Oh ! Then Congrates them coz they get the second place for that competition ! i feel like ! Arghhhhh ! Crazy ! Why my new school not being like the old one ? WHY ? I thought my new school is KOLOT maybe ! All the activity around i can't to take apart ! Hate it much ! I don't have any chance to join any activity here .. :'(

Yesterday , i thought back home around 1.00 PM .. I'm waiting for my dady to take me home .. Waiting waiting and waiting . Ouch ! It about 2.30 PM . around 1 hour and 30 minutes i'm waiting my dady alone ! :'( Then i get my phone so i call my mom ! My mom get mad on me ! i feel like in the HELL ! SHIT ! i have to wait for Cenderawasih bus . 2.30 ---> 5.30 .. My bus here .. Alhamdulillah !

So my journey from school to cenderawasih takes about 20 minutes . So i have to walk from the plain where the place i get off the bus to my home . ! I'm tormented and stress ! If i'm here for 2 years more , i think i can be like a crazy person ! I want back to peninsula Of malaysia ! Please dad take me there ! Please ! I'm begging to my parents ! :'( I can't stay here anymore ! I can't .. Please understand my situation !

Err .. I don't have anyone to lose pressure ! Express myself ! uhh ! why myself being like this ?  WHY ? I can't focus on my study . ! I had a pressure here . My friends here not like my friends in peninsula . They can't understand me ! My friends in seri jempol is more better ! err :/

I'm being like an IDIOT human ! 
I D I O T !
I D I O T !

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CINTA UNTUK KITA said... Reply To This Comment

ala kat mn2 pun sma je la.. sbr je k.. ada hikmah knp tuhan ltk adik kt new place n new school.. so, u have to push yourself to accept the new environment dear..

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